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Get Patients to Come Back and Spend More

If you’re not sending your patients monthly news and special offers by email and text, you’re losing their attention and thousands in lost monthly revenue, guaranteed.

The 100% managed Repeat Patient program helps you get this lost monthly revenue back with your own email newsletters, text message promotions, and referral rewards so your patients will come back and buy more often and refer friends and family month after month.

Attract more patients, increase revenue, and bring patients back.  Welcome to the “we-do-it-all” recurring revenue practice growth program

There’s nothing to learn, manage, or worry about. Repeat Patient takes care of everything.

Practices GROW when patients come back regularly and spend more money.  Repeat Patient makes this happen.
Who Repeat Patient is for

It’s for Medical Aesthetic, Cosmetic and Wellness practices (i.e.) Medical Spas, Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Estheticians, etc., that have a patient email list of at least 500 emails &/or mobile phone numbers and make $5,000 or more in monthly revenue. 

Whether you’re currently using email, text, and referral reward campaigns and want better results, or you’re new to email, text, and referral marketing and don’t know where to start, the Repeat Patient program can help you.

Typical Repeat Patient results 
  • Increased bookings by 33%
  • Increased patient reactivation by 67%
  • Reduced consultation “no-shows” by 22%
  • Increased website and social media visits by 48%
  • Increased referrals by 45%
  • Increased brand awareness by 74%
  • Increased patient reviews by 38%
  • Increased event attendance by 36%
  • 72% of Repeat Patient clients make their money back every month.
  • Your results may vary.  Let’s get you started to find out.
A Repeat Patient success story

Texas Medical Spa

10% increase in patients:  650 patients + 10% increase = 715 patients.

10% increase in average amount spent:  $450 spent + 10% increase = $495 spent.

10% increase in patient visits:  3 yearly visits  + 10% increase = 3.3 visits per year.

Revenue before the 10% increase = $877,000 (vs) revenue after = $1,167,952.  That’s a +28.45% increase in revenue using Repeat Patient

What would a 10% yearly increase do for your practice?  Book a call with us below to find out.

Why email newsletters, text promotions, and referral rewards?

Using monthly email newsletters, text messages, and referral rewards are some of the most effective and affordable ways for increasing loyalty, referrals, sales on-demand, and stronger relationships with patients. 

For every $1 spent on email newsletters, it returns $7 in revenue.  That’s a 7x return on investment with email.

Rewarding patients that refer their friends and family increase the practice’s chance of acquiring new patients with referrals by a whopping 88%.

Text messages are seen within 10 seconds and have a 90% open rate.

Be where your patients are every day.  Inside their inboxes and mobile phones with your offers.
What clients are saying

Medical Spa

“WOW!  Huge success. The email campaigns brought in $8,400 in Botox bookings from our event last week.  Many people said they would have forgotten about the event if not for the emails we sent out a few days before it. Thank you!”


“Great results.  Our appointments have increased by 2x. The text message flash sales and patient birthday emails are working really well.”

Plastic Surgeon

“Since partnering with you guys to send our practice newsletter by email instead of postal mail, we’ve saved at least $25,000 a year on printing and postage alone.”


“Hands down, without a doubt, the most effective and affordable program I’ve used to get more patients back into my chair. Thanks!”

Repeat Patient features
  • We design, deliver and track your monthly email newsletters so you get results.
  • We create and send your monthly text message and patient birthday promotions.
  • We help you create proven offers, promotions, and specials that patients want to buy.
  • We build up your patient email and text lists every month.
  • We get you more patient reviews, referrals, Holiday sales, social media followers, increased event attendance, and more.
  • Get return-on-investment reports, so you know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Get 1,000+ publish-ready social media posts and video content you can publish on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Get your own success coach to ensure your campaigns succeed every month.

That’s just the start of all the value and results you’ll receive every single month from the Repeat Patient retention and loyalty program.

Repeat Patient program benefits
  • Save hours a week by not doing it in-house.
  • Be consistently in your patient’s inbox and text with news and offers.
  • Free up your staff’s time and stress.
  • Never miss getting out those last-minute holiday offers and specials.
  • No tech or design skills are needed…we do it all!
  • Most importantly…make sure patients simply don’t forget about you!
Service plans


Single Plan
100% managed by our team
1 monthly custom email newsletter campaign
1 monthly text marketing campaign
Custom-branded email templates
List building tools and management
List sign-up welcome email
Return-on-investment reports
12 month marketing planner & calendar
Dedicated success coach
Access to free unlimited social media content
Referral Rewards program

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable our service plans are.

See examples

See what’s possible for your practice’s next email, text, and referral marketing campaigns.

How to get started
  1. Schedule your free practice growth strategy call on the calendar below to get your questions answered.
  2. During the call, if we both decide that we’re a good fit to work together, you can sign up for the plan that best suits your goals and needs.
  3. Your success coach will reach you to get everything set up and running quickly.  We can have your first email newsletter and/or text message promotion out to your patients in 7 days or less.

Expected return-on-investment?  On average, 72% of Repeat Patient clients make their money back every month, above the cost of their plan.  Everything they get after that is pure profit.  It’s as close to free advertising as one can get. We’ll show you how.

Try it risk-free.  Repeat Patient is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Space is limited.  We only accept 8 new clients a month, so if you’re interested, book a call while we still have availability this week.

Schedule a free practice growth strategy call

For up to 45 minutes, get your questions answered and learn how Repeat Patient could work specifically for your practice.  We’ll call you at the time and number you choose on the calendar.  If you can’t make the call, please let us know beforehand.

If you have any questions, email chris@repeatpatient.com

Talk to you soon…





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